European Meetings & Events Conference EMEC19

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EMEC19‘s programme is articulated on main conference topics, such as: Risk ManagementDesign Thinking, Leadership and Meeting Perspectives.

You will make connections in a way you never experienced before. Therefore, we guarantee you will have 5 new business friends who will pick up the phone when you call them.

50% of the programme takes place outside of the conference center. Experience new formats and how they impact the outcome of your event. “Change the way you experience” turns into “experience the way you change”. Over 50% of the EMEC19 tracks is interactive.

Learning Journeys to learn from Cross Industry Innovation, Scenario Based Learning to experience the content instead of only listening to it. 4 tracks allowing you to deep dive into the 4 main topics. Become a ninja on one topic or cherry pick from the different sessions. There are so many ways people learn and so few that are generally used at conferences. At EMEC19 we change the way you learn.