Membership benefits


SCB has more than 50 companies related to the various areas that involve the organization and performing of events in Santiago. SCB is the liaison with events organizations and may access to events scheduled in Santiago, participate in bids and be recommended as suppliers, they may use the SCB brand and name in the promotion and also access to the benefits of being members of SBC.

  • Promotion of the brand with technical data of services and contact data in the directory of members and services.
  • Logo and data of the company in every promotion materiel of SCB (both digital and printed).
  • Opinion and vote in Annual Partners Summit.
  • Meetings with prospective clients in inspection visits.
  • Access to pertinent information through private communication.
  • Technical support for bidding presentation.
  • Active presence in direct businesses obtained by candidates to congresses and fairs.
  • Contact partners with proposals and quotations.
  • Use of SCB´s logo and graphic in promotion of your company.
  • Free access to events at SCB (Business round, Seminars, workshop, work breakfast, etc).
  • Brochures and promotion material including names and contact details of members will be distributed in national and international events.
  • Discount to members in various activities.
  • Access to reports and evaluations of activity at international level.