Cultural and tourist attractions

Santiago provides attractive contrasts, modern high buildings and extensive parks. It houses cultural and patrimonial legacy and also bohemian neighborhoods.

descarga (1)More than 40 museums, located downtown Santiago, offer from the ultimate international trends, tradition and also science and technology, a highlight is MIM (Interactive Museum) and La Chascona Museum, a house were our poet and Novel Prize Pablo Neruda lived.

Santiago has an active artistic life with an attractive offer of theaters, ballet, movies and music and places such as Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral and Teatro Municipal for international Operas and select music. Santiago houses important artistic events such as movie and music festivals that includes Santiago a Mil , Lollapalooza, FEMCINE & SANFIC among many others.

Lastarria, Yungay, Bellavista and Brasil are some of the old and traditional neighborhoods, they mai

ntain our architectural patrimony, and housed personalities such as folklorist Violeta Parra, poet Nicanor Parra, argentinian political Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, and writer Joaquin Edwards Bello.

In downtown Santiago you may also visit La Moneda, presidential palace, Central Bank, Metropolitan Cathedral and former National Congress, all of them maintain the civic and religious history of Chile.


Shopping tourism is inevitably a trend when travelling abroad. Santiago has a varied offer; Vitacura and Providencia have trendy offers of international brands, plenty of book stores, music, design fashion and handicraft. Also Santiago has some 80 malls with a complete variety of offer and prices.

3397_DF-52eff7c817504Nights in Santiago offers lots of entertainment, barrio Bellavista is the place for drinks, music and a wide offer of ethnical restaurants, also bars, discos, theater, art galleries and handicraft. Bellavista is close to the hotel areas so access is easy with guaranteed entertainment.

Santiago´s sky crappers are usually surrounded by parks such as Parque Metropolitano, the biggest in Santiago, it includes Cerro San Cristobal with a paramount view of Santiago. Also, you will find Parque Bicentenario with lagoons were swans and flamingos live peacefully. Do not miss the opportunity to take a bicycle tour in one of these parks.

Cordillera_de_los_Andes_Michael_NewmannTourism attraction also include surrounding  areas such as Cajon del Maipo, a perfect place for trekking and climbing, moving south there are wine yards with prestige wines.
In winter time you have sky resorts in 40 minutes from downtown Santiago. Summer offers good beach life and fresh sea food at only 1 hour drive.